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Whole-House Dehumidifier Installation in Elk Grove Village

Are you looking to purchase a dehumidifier for your home? If you already have a central air conditioning system, chances are your HVAC system will help remove humidity from your home’s indoor air. However, your central AC might not be enough on excessively humid days or nights. If you are feeling damp and warm indoors, even with your AC running, you may need to purchase a whole-house dehumidifier.

Whole-house dehumidifiers improve home comfort by removing excess humidity from the indoor air. They also improve home air quality and help decrease electric bills.

If you’re interested in Midwest Comfort’s dehumidifier services, call us at 847-338-2777.

Signs Your Home Needs a Dehumidifier

Many homeowners assume that their air conditioning system removes humidity in the air, so there isn’t a need for a dehumidifier. However, the humidity in Elk Grove Village, can be too much for the average air conditioner to handle, so adding a whole-home dehumidifier can help remove humidity when your air conditioner can’t. If you’re not sure you need a dehumidifier, below are some signs you may need to install one in your home.

Multiple factors can determine if your home could benefit from installing a whole-house dehumidifier.

This includes:

  • If the indoor air in your home has a stagnant and musty smell.
  • Even with the AC on, you feel hot and sticky and have not been physically active.
  • If there is warping in wooden furniture, floors, or décor and/or you see mold.
  • If you have noticed condensation on your windows, mirrors, and cold drinks while the AC is in operation.
  • Insect infestations inside the home are also a telltale sign that indoor humidity levels are too high.
  • Ignoring the signs that your home may need a dehumidifier can lead to mold growth and health problems for you and your family.

Is Too Much Humidity Bad for Your Health?

Some humidity in your home is not bad; however, when the humidity is too high, you and your loved ones may be at risk of developing health problems. Excessive humidity levels in your home can lead to mold and mildew growth. It can also cause the spread of bacteria and dust mites. Mold, mildew, and dust mites can trigger allergies and harm asthma sufferers. Bacteria can and will make your family sick and in some cases, severely. If you have noticed any of these problems in your home, check into installing a whole-house dehumidifier.

When a dehumidifying system is installed in your home, it can be conveniently installed with your existing central heating and air system. The system will work with your HVAC and help reduce the humidity inside your home.

There are also other positive marks of having a dehumidifying system in your home, including:

  • Some dehumidifying system models also offer automatic fresh air ventilation. These models help reduce air irritants and pollutants within the home, increasing indoor air quality.
  • A whole-house dehumidifier requires virtually no maintenance, save for the air filter, which only needs to be cleaned once a year.
  • Dehumidifying systems use an automatic sensor to monitor your home’s indoor humidity levels. When humidity levels exceed the point of your comfort levels, it will run until humidity levels stabilize.
  • Typically, ideal humidity levels range from 30% to 50%. However, some people may require different levels to feel comfortable.

Humidifiers vs. Dehumidifiers

We’ve already explained what a dehumidifier is and how it can benefit your home. Too much humidity can damage the interior and furniture and cause health problems due to mold growth and other bacteria. But what about homes with insufficient humidity? That’s where a whole-home humidifier can help.

Illinois state residents already deal with a lot of humidity, so it seems crazy to install a system that adds humidity to your home. Dry air isn’t a problem in the summer, but it can become one during winter. In the winter, the air becomes drier as moisture leaves the air. This can cause your home to lack humidity, creating a poor air quality environment.

Dry air can make your home feel stuffy and stale. It can also lead to respiratory problems like nose bleeds, bronchitis, sinusitis, and asthma. Dry air can also make you feel like your home is colder than it is, which can increase your thermostat temperature. This only causes your home to feel twice as stuffy. Low humidity can also damage your wood flooring and furniture by causing it to dry out.

Below are some signs that you need to install a whole-home humidifier:

  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Dehydration
  • High levels of static electricity
  • Wood furniture and flooring that appears dried out and warped
  • Worsening allergy and asthma symptoms

Whether you need a whole-home humidifier or whole-home dehumidifier, the Elk Grove Village, HVAC technicians at  Midwest Comfort Heating & Cooling can help. Excessive humidity or not enough moisture in the air can lead to health problems and damage to your home’s interior. We offer various air quality and humidity services, so call us today to learn how they can benefit your home.

Why Choose Midwest Comfort Heating & Cooling For Your Dehumidifier Installation Needs

At Midwest Comfort, continuing education is important to keep our technicians up-to-date on all the latest HVAC technology advancements and updates. Continuing education allows us to work with every make and model of HVAC equipment, new and old. When you call Midwest Comfort, you know you’re getting the best HVAC service in the industry.


Regular maintenance performed on your HVAC system can improve your home’s air quality, lower your electric bills, and extend the life of your system. 

Midwest Comfort also offers 24/7 HVAC services. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from working in this industry, it’s to expect the unexpected. No matter what time or day, you can count on us to fix your heating and cooling emergencies.

Additional Indoor Air Quality Services

Midwest Comfort’s professional technicians can take care of all of your indoor air quality needs. From providing general repairs to installations, you can count on Midwest Comfort Heating & Cooling  to provide you with what you need. Some of the following indoor air quality services provided are as follows:

  • Air Exchangers
  • Air Filtration
  • Air Purifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Filters
  • HEPA Filters
  • Humidifiers
  • UV Lights
  • Ventilation

Contact the Elk Grove Village Indoor Air Quality Specialists at Midwest Comfort Heating & Cooling  Today

In addition to air quality and humidity control services, we offer air conditioning, heating, and other HVAC repairs, replacements, and maintenance services. No matter what kind of HVAC service you need, you can count on the Elk Grove Village, indoor air quality specialists at Midwest Comfort. If you want to learn more about the whole-home dehumidifiers we offer, schedule an appointment today with one of our expert HVAC technicians by calling 847-338-2777. We also offer our customers financing options and coupons, so ask your technician about those during your service appointment!

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Thank you Jeff!Today I had a motor replaced by Leo and once again the service was great and I renewed my service plan agreement.Mark ZhangMark Zhang ★★★★★ Evan ArnettEvan Arnett ★★★★★ John WulffJohn Wulff ★★★★★ Mark,Bryn., Leo were all extremely helpful and friendly. Everything fully explained. All work completed with 5starrating. They even have timely seasonal discounts. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!! 👌👌👍👍👍 JWAna MAna M ★★★★★ Our technician Leo was very patient addressing my questions and knowledgeable. Made also good suggestions. Highly recommended!Maureen JenningsMaureen Jennings ★★★★★ Good suggestion on furnace filter to use will be easier to buy and cost less.Ali AnjumAli Anjum ★★★★★ David ClaryDavid Clary ★★★★★ They're knowledgeable and fixed my AC next day without trying to sell me a new system as some might.Mike PMike P ★★★★★ Love working with these guys. Great customer focus and communication, and great post-install support. 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